Scion - Before the Dawn

Chapter 1: Meeting three characters, and rescuing an Eagle

Chapter 1: Meeting three characters, and rescuing an Eagle.

Three strangers are called to a meeting in the newly opened Shard, in central London. Arriving after dark, they meet in a lobby on the 43rd floor. The sign on the wall – Hepaomai Conglomerate – seems new, as do the white leather couches and dark blue carpet. The receptionist, a thin-lipped grey haired woman called Ms Lancaster rings through to an office, and the strangers sit and wait.

A dark haired woman bursts out from the office door, screaming as she goes “This is not the end of the matter, Maximillian!”. She disappears into the lift.

The strangers are called into the office, where they cross an expanse of bare cream carpet to an expensive looking desk by the far window. A man is behind it, staring out across the city.

He turns, and introduces himself as Maximillian Derrer, CEO. He’s smartly dressed, in his mid-fifties. He talks to the strangers as if he knows who they are, that they are not just your average human being. They introduce themselves; Connor Helson, Alan Solomon, Leon Jakuta.

He offers them a deal. They are to work as a retrieval team, working together to find objects of… interest. There have been reports of things that are causing difficulties, and Maximillian would like these objects retrieved, studied, and perhaps the less dangerous put in the museums that he donates to. In return, he will provide information, accommodation, transport, expenses. It’s a pretty deal, and the three are unsurprisingly suspicious. However, they do accept. Maximillian gives them a tablet with the details of their first pick up, and they leave.

Alan and Leon get into a company minivan, and Connor gets his motorcycle. They drive to Chichester, arriving just as the bar in the small country hotel they are in is taking last orders. Five minutes after they arrive, their contact walks in the door. He’s a nervous looking man, and introduces himself as Declan. He gives the group a wooden box, saying “This is your problem now”. He leaves.

The party examine the box, and, after some discussion, Alan unscrews the hinges. Inside is a lump of metal, which they identify as a Roman Eagle. Thinking of the drive back, the group go to their respective hotel rooms.

4 am. Leon wakes up to the sound of marching feet outside his door. He looks out, and see the other hotel guests disappearing down the coridoor. He follows them.

Alan wakes up, and sees Leon leaving his room. He wakes Connor, and, taking the box with them, they track the guests out of the hotel and down onto the green. In the moonlight they can see that the 12 people who had been in the hotel were at the bottom of a slope, seemingly marching in a square. Connor, using Death Sight, sees that the 12 are actually part of a one hundred, people from all the centuries since the original Roman centurions.

Connor fashions a stave from a nearby tree, and Alan, opening the box, fastens the eagle to the top. Leon sees the marchers turn and start marching towards Connor. When they reach him, he questions them, but they only answer “We follow the Eagle”.

Leon sees one of the older guests fall to the ground, and Connor sees his spirit rise as the body dies.

Connor cuts his arms, and, holding the Eagle, petitions his Mother for assistance.

An icy wind blows through the green. A portal opens, like a tear in the air. Connor cries “Forward march!”, and the century march towards the portal; Alan realises the living amongst them are going as well. He fires his pistol, and small bullets of lightening hit 8 of the 11 living walkers. The rest disappear into the darkness.

In the stunned silence, Connor realises that a small square of black card is floating down towards him. He catches it and reads " Don’t try that shit again." It disappears into a puff of ash.

The three guys collect their things, and head back to London.



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