Scion - Before the Dawn

Chapter 2: The House of Books; the house of Scions

Chapter 2: The House of Books; the house of Scions

The five Scions enter the library, and speak to a man behind the counter. He calls for Billy, the Archivist’s PA, who turns out to be a mid-twenties hipster. He takes them through the library, into a courtyard and opens the door of an adjoining house. He leaves them in a room completely covered in books.

The group is quite surprised when the Archivist (Winifred ‘Winnie’ Aberfoyle) makes her entrance by accidentally knocking over a very large stack of books. She is probably 19, with short bright blue hair and very large glasses. She is perplexed by the group at first, but then appears to recognise them and names them.
She is very excited by the Roman Eagle box, and even more so by the book. She tells the group to check out their new house while she takes a look at it.

They troop off to their house, to find that it is a lovely 5 story Victorian house on the corner of Phoenix Street. The basement is split into a garage and a workshop. The ground floor is an open-plan kitchen/sitting room, and a small gym. The top three floors are bedrooms. It has a garden and a greenhouse at the back of the property.

The group take a few hours to settle in.
Chelsea moves her mattress and things into the green house. She asks Alan to craft her a herb garden (it’s beautiful, with little clockwork flowers on the corners).
Alan takes Eddie and Leon aside to give them some ‘advice’ on the suitability of their attire for such an upmarket part of town. Their reactions are somewhat different – Leon goes upstairs and puts on a nicer suit than Alan’s. Eddie takes a temper-cooling walk outside in the street, flaunting his wife beater and beanie.
Connor takes it all in.

The group go to pick up all their things from their previous places of residence. As they return, they receive a call from the Archivist who tells them that she unwrapped the book, but was unable to open it. It is a Bible, bound in leather, and stamped on the front are the words – “One for words, and one to call, and one to light the way.
By speech, sound and shadow I abjure thee.”
Winnie thinks that there are two objects that go with the bible, but she’s not sure what they are. She asks them to meet her at the House of Books.

They drive to the Library, but have to park further away than before. As they walk down the street, a young man appears as if from nowhere, and pins Chelsea to the wall. He shouts at her, asking where the book is. As the rest of the party start to react, pulling weapons on him, he lets her go and runs away, straight through the nearest wall.



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