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The Titans
The Titanspawn

The Neutral Guys

Maximillian Derrer
The Archivist

The Gods

Pesedjet – The gods of Ancient Egypt
Dodekatheon – The gods of Greek mythology
Aesir – The gods of Norse mythology
Atzlánti – The gods of the Aztec civilization
Amatsukami – The Shinto gods of Japan
Loa – The god-spirits of the Vodou religion
Tuatha Dé Danann – The gods of Ancient Ireland
Celestial Bureaucracy – The gods and immortals of China
Deva – The gods of India



Other NPCs

Andrews (Andrews Antiques)
Alison (Andrews Antiques Shop Assistant)


Number 2 Phoenix Street
The House of Books
London Library
Hepaomai Offices, The Shard
Andrews Antiques

Main Page

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