The Titans

Long ago, in a time before imagining, there was a war between the Titans – beings of pure elemental force – and their children, the Gods. This war, called the Titanomachy (or Titan War) ravaged the known world, and drew all living creatures into violent battle.
In time, however, the Gods were victorious and banished the Titans to Tartarus in the Underworld.

In recent times, the Titans have escaped their prison, and, wishing to take revenge on the Gods’ creation, Mankind, yet not able to cross into the mortal plane, have created new offspring, The Titanspawn.

Little is known about the various Titans, though information suggests that many have a particular animosity against certain pantheons (or even specific Gods).

No one yet knows exactly where the Titans exist, just that it is not on the mortal plane. Like the Gods, they are assumed to exist somewhere Else. There are rumours, as yet unsubstantiated, of beings even more powerful than the Titans. Information regarding this is completely unverified.

The Titans

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