Sing, goddess, of a time before time, when mighty Titans stalked the earth, shaping the world around them. Sing, also, of a age when powerful gods and beautiful goddesses were worshipped by all, bestowing gifts of justice with one hand and mercy with the other. Truly, their wrath was amazing to behold, and their graciousness also.

Sing, oh goddess, of heroes and heroines, brave and tall, striding across the plains and forests, slaying magnificent beasts and performing doughty deeds. Never before were seen their like, for were they not the paragons of humankind?

And then came the times of war, when ties between father and son alike were torn, and the Titans themselves did unleash madness upon the earth and upon the gods. Long was the struggle and fierce was the fighting, till the earth itself was rent in pain and torment. Ere long, the gods and heroes proved victorious, and banished the Titans to realms held separate from the world that we know.

For era upon era, peace reigned. The gods retreated from the world, and fewer and fewer heroes were born.

Little did the gods know, but the Titans did plot in secret against them. Millennia it would take, but, through their artifice and contrivance, they seeped their ways into the minds of men. Soon they had enough influence to create their own progeny, the Titanspawn, who, while never equal to their parents in strength and power, make up for their lack with cunning and numbers. Little by little do they now chip away at the fabric of the world, hoping to allow their parents access to our realm, and thence to untold horrors and abominations. For it is the Titans’ wish to remake the world to one of their own choosing, and it is certain that the gods and humans alike feature no part of it.

And now the walls between the worlds are wearing thin, and all manner of creatures have come forth, prowling the earth and causing chaos. Nameless things from the depths of legend have crawled out from whence they were once hidden, and even as we speak are skulking in the shadows. Attacks are becoming commonplace, and the people are starting to notice things that cannot be easily explained away. They are scared, and who could blame them?

Sing, goddess, and tell the tale of a new race of heroes, born in a time of trials and hardship. Born to take up the mantle left by heroes of old, to continue the struggle against the Titanspawn and their progenitors. Sing, goddess, and pray for their safety. For if they fall, so do we all.

Welcome, traveler, to the homepage of the Scion campaign that is being run as part of the Glasgow University Gaming Society.

Scion - Before the Dawn

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